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All-Purpose Spackling Paste (RTU)

All-purpose, heavyweight spackling compound for repairing and filling cracks and holes in wallboard, drywall, plaster, wood, brick and stone. It spreads smoothly, sands easily and resists cracking for fast professional repairs. Interior/exterior use.

Case CodeUnit SizeColorUPC #Case Weight (lbs.)Case PackCase Dimensions (LxWxH)Case Volume (cu. ft.)Cases Per PalletSDSTech Bulletin
102221/2 PT.White 0 70798 76858 1 25.502413.75”x10.5”x6.75”0.566600079925005TDB
102241 QT.White 0 70798 76857 4 32.75810.5”x10.5”x10.25”0.646400079925005TDB
768591 GAL.White 0 70798 76859 8 33.00216”x8”x8.25”0.617500079925005TDB